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Eureka! November 2019

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Results: 1 - 3 of 3
Results: 1 - 3 of 3
  • Buser
    Men are more competitive than women in the workplace

    New research confirms that men have a more competitive attitude than women. This result may partially explain why men often have higher positions and higher incomes. At the same time, more diversity could be achieved by creating work environments with less competition, says researcher and ERC Grant winner Thomas Buser.

  • Prof Sander Onderstal
    Managers do not conform to the standard model of profit maximisation

    People rely on emotions and moral standards, such as the consideration of fairness, in their financial decisions. This makes them less rational than classical economic models tend to assume. One of Professor Sander Onderstal’s research topics is the behaviour of companies with the aim of adding elements to the classical theory that account for systematic deviations from it.

  • Amsterdam Business School
    ‘Solving problems in big cities using machine learning’

    Maarten Sukel wants to improve the liveability of cities. To achieve this, he is working on machine learning models with various time frames. ‘For the city, I’m trying to solve day-to-day problems happening right now…. at the UvA, I’m also investigating how one can keep this kind of problem from happening in the future.’