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The Student Impact Centre

The Student Impact Centre wants to improve the social engagement of the Faculty's students and strengthen the relationship between the university and the surrounding neighbourhood. The project puts student involvement at its core by giving students a central role in the centre's creation, implementation and development.

The Student Impact Centre will serve as a catalyst for social engagement, inspiring students to take action, encouraging them to innovate and create solutions, and supporting them in tackling current social issues. It also aims to provide the almost 6,000 students of the Faculty of Science with options for social activation by linking social issues to practical learning opportunities.

By familiarising its students with social engagement throughout their studies, from orientation through graduation, the Faculty of Science aims to help them become socially responsible individuals who are equipped with the skills they need to implement their knowledge at local, regional and even international level during their careers.

The Student Impact Centre inspires and supports students in their social activities by offering mini grants, helping them create a work plan and set out their intended goals. Students are also able to turn to the centre to make use of the available knowledge, network and training. The goals of the student initiatives may include themes such as diversity and inclusion, sustainability and climate issues, etc.

Get involved

If you would like to get involved with the Student Impact Centre, please send an email to


The Student Impact Centre is an initiative that is created as a result of a joint ECHO application by the Faculty of Science and Diversity Talks .