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Participation in decision-making

Students and staff participate in decision-making at faculty and central level through student councils and works councils.

The Central Works Council is elected from the works councils of the seven faculties and the Joint Works Council for executive staff and shared service units. The Central Student Council is partly directly elected and partly selected from the faculty student councils.

With the Executive Board, central councils discuss matters affecting the university as a whole or a majority, such as housing projects, finance and education and research.

Centralised works councils

Central Works Council

Central Student Council

The CSR and the COR meet each other in the Joint Meeting.

Decentralised works councils

Works Council - Faculty of Economics and Business (intranet)

Works Council - Faculty of Humanities (intranet)

Works Council - Faculty of Law (intranet)

Works Council - Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences (intranet, in Dutch)

Works Council - Faculty of Science (intranet)

  • OR - Faculty of Dentistry (ACTA) (intranet)

  • OR - Faculty of Medicine (AMC) (intranet)

Joint Works Council - Executive staff and shared service units (intranet)

Local Consultation trade unions

Trade unions negotiate terms and conditions of employment (cao). You can influence this through your trade union. Within the UvA the trade unions FNV, AC/AFZ, CNV Overheid and VAWO/CMHF are united in the University Committee for Local Consultation (UCLO).