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Central Works Council

The Central Works Council consults with the Executive Board and meets with the Central Student Council to discuss certain issues. Statutory regulations (Works Councils Act) and the Collective Labour Agreement for university personnel (CAO NU) determine the content of consultations between works councils and the executive body.

COR internal meetings 

The Central Works Council holds an internal meeting once a month. During these public meetings, we determine our standpoint in relation to matters that will be discussed in the Consultative Meeting with the Executive Board. The agendas and minutes (in Dutch) are available on the Dutch website. 

Consultative meetings between the COR and the Executive Board

The Central Works Council discusses matters with the Executive Board on a monthly basis. These meetings are public. The Executive Board president represents the Executive Board in these meetings. The minutes (in Dutch) are available on our Dutch website. 

Meetings between the COR and the Supervisory Board

Since 2013, by virtue of Article 9.8 paragraph 2 of the Dutch Higher Education and Research Act (WHW), the Central Works Council has been consulting twice a year with the Supervisory Board and with the member of the Supervisory Board appointed on the recommendation of the representative advisory bodies. The Supervisory Board cair attends this consultation as an observer. The minutes are available on our Dutch website.

COR recommendations and regulations

The recommendations issued by the Central Works Council are available on our Dutch website. You can also find there the regulations governing the Central Works Council.


For questions or further information, contact the COR secretariat.