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Interviews in Conservation Initiative

Oral History in Conservation Research

This project aims for an integral approach to the use of oral history for conservation research, and seeks to reflect the use of interviews as a dynamic process.


The Interviews in Conservation Initiative contributes to advancing the use of oral history methodology in conservation research for a broader understanding of our cultural heritage.


The Interviews in Conservation Initiative aims to better implement and facilitate the use of oral history methods in conservation research. This includes sharing of material and information, initiating ongoing research to improve good practice, digital tools and a research infrastructure to facilitate working with the spoken narrative about works of art and art related practices, while advancing this approach in a productive, intelligent and responsible manner.


The goals of the Interviews in Conservation Initiative are to better facilitate sustainable archiving interviews and oral narratives with all who play a determining role in the lives of artworks and our cultural heritage: artists, assistants, conservators, collectors, curators, dealers, directors and all others involved in collections and sites; to advance the research infrastructure for analysis; and to make the material better available to professionals and where possible to a broader audience to enjoy.


If you would like to support this initiative in any way and help us achieve its goals, please contact us.


The Interviews in Conservation Initiative is a non-funded initiative. Tax deductible donations are more than welcome via the Amsterdam University Fund (AUF).