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Poverty, well-being and inequality

Dr Nicky Pouw is an associate professor of Economics of Wellbeing and chair of the board of The Broker. Her areas of expertise are poverty and inequality, alternative views on economics, welfare economics, social economics, sustainability, inclusive development, the position of women in the economy, and Africa. In her book 'Welfare economics: How and why the economy must change' (AUP), Pouw presents a model for making the economy more sustainable and socially just, and gives ten reasons why our economy needs to change. | | 06 55 406 337

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Economic statistics in policy

Dr Daniel Mügge is professor of Political Arithmetic. He specialises in artificial intelligence, statistics in policy, European regulations, and politics and economics. Mügge has published on a variety of topics including the political underbelly of economic statistics in governance and politics, problems in the calculation of economic indicators, and the political and social effects of policy that relies too heavily on statistics. His current research focuses on European regulation of artificial intelligence. | | 020 525 2112

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Competition, cartel behaviour and merger control

Prof. Maarten Pieter Schinkel is professor of Competition Economics and Regulation. He specialises in economics (microeconomics and industrial organisation theory) applied in competition cases (competition policy, antitrust). His research focuses, among other things, on cartel behaviour, abuse of market power (including big tech), merger control and state aid. Schinkel conducts applied theoretical and descriptive econometric research with applications in current competition cases and regulation. | | 020 525 7132

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Inequality in the workplace

Dr Almasa Sarabi is a university lecturer in Leadership & Management. Her areas of expertise include career development paths, gender inequality in the workplace, aar expertisegebieden zijn loopbaantrajecten, werk- en genderongelijkheid, organisational practices and people analytics. She is interested in how organisational processes influence inequality in the workplace. Her research explores the possibilities of using a data-driven approach to people-related problems in organisations. |

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Pension policy, unemployment and ageing

Dr Ward Romp is an associate professor at the Amsterdam School of Economics (ASE). He conducts research into the interaction between pension funds and the business cycle. He also has expertise in the field of the effects of pension policy on unemployment and the costs of ageing on government finances. | | 020 525 7344

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Pensions and fiscal policy

Prof. Roel Beetsma is professor of Macroeconomics and dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business. His areas of expertise are pensions, the monetary union, the eurozone and (Dutch and European) fiscal policy. |

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Platform and sharing economy

Dr Niels van Doorn is an assistant professor in New Media & Digital Culture. His area of expertise is in the field of platform economy and sharing economy. He is the principal investigator of the ERC funded ‘Platform Labour’ research project. The goal of this project is to determine how digital platforms transform the organisation of labour, livelihood and governance in cities.|

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Public economics

Dr Albert Jan Hummel is an assistant professor with the Macro and International Economics research section. His research interest focuses on public economics and aspects in common with labour economics and macroeconomics. He has expertise in a number of areas including budget policy, fiscal policy, income tax, sales tax, the labour market, and minimum wage. | | 020 525 5237

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Legal position of self-employed professionals

Niels van der Neut (LLM) is a university lecturer with the of Labour Law and Social Security Law Chair Group (AIAS-HSI). In his doctoral research, he investigated the protection of self-employed individuals under the law of obligations. He examined, among other things, what the current contract law offers to self-employed individuals and how individual protection standards can be identified through a comparison with other categories of natural persons protected under the Civil Code, including employees, commercial agents, and tenants. He also focuses extensively on the question of employment law classification (employee or self-employed individual). | | 06 513 11 366 

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Prof. Annebel de Hoogh is professor of Responsible Leadership at the Amsterdam Business School. She focuses on the unique relationship between leaders and followers. She investigates how leadership can bring out the best in people, but also where leadership can go wrong. De Hoogh is particularly interested in the link between personality and leadership (narcissism, Machiavellianism); visionary and ethical leadership; the dark side of leadership; and the effects of cultural aspects, such as a toxic working atmosphere and diversity in organisations. |

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Strategy and innovation

Prof. Henk Volberda is professor of Strategic Management & Innovation at the Amsterdam Business School (ABS) and scientific director of the Amsterdam Centre for Business Innovation. His research focuses on various themes: hyper-competition, technological disruption, new business models, strategic flexibility, management innovation and new organisational forms. | | 020 525 4369 |06 1297 2233

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Trade unions and collective labour agreements

Saskia Boumans conducts doctoral research into the role of employers and trade unions in shaping employment relationships and the labour market in the 1970s. | | 020 525 4906


Prof. Martin Obschonka is professor of Entrepreneurship and head of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation section at the Amsterdam Business School. His research involves projects on entrepreneurial development, entrepreneurial regions and culture, public policy, human capital, personality, geographical psychology, organisational behavior, well-being and stress, and social and economic change. |

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