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European Studies
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After graduation

As a European Studies graduate, you will have developed unique academic abilities relevant to a career in your specific subject area, as well as a range of employment opportunities where a critical, curious, and independent disposition is essential. With a Bachelor’s degree in hand, you can choose to enrol in a related Master’s programme or take your first steps on the job market. Learn more about your opportunities below.

Experts on Europe are needed in practically every sector of society. This might be the corporate sector or an organisation lobbying the European Union in Brussels on behalf of a national cultural institution or local government. As a European Studies graduate, you will be ideally suited to positions where there is a demand for the ability to combine knowledge of multiple disciplines, language and culture. As you have developed a strong international orientation, your options need not be limited to the European job market.

Our graduates hold positions in:

  • European institutions such as the European Commission, the Council of Europe and OSCE;
  • International business and consultancy; 
  • National government bodies such as ministries and municipalities;
  • Intergovernmental organisations, such as the United Nations (UN);
  • Political parties, lobby groups and NGO's; 
  • Research or policy advice;
  • Newspapers and other Media, Publishing, and Cultural Industries. 

A related Master's programme

Most students enrol in a Master’s programme to acquire broader or more specialised academic knowledge. The UvA offers over 220 one-, one and a half- and two-year Master’s programmes, many of which are taught in English.

With a Bachelor's degree in European Studies, you meet the entry requirements for the following one-year (60 EC) Master's programmes:

You can also enrol in a Dual Master's programme: a one and a half-year (90EC) professional programme that incorporates an internship placement. With a Bachelor's in European Studies, you meet the entry requirements for the following Dual Master's programmes:

If you have a strong interest in research, you can enrol in a two-year (120 ECTS credits) Research Master's programme. A selection procedure applies to all Research Master's students. With a Bachelor's in European Studies, you can apply for the following Research Master's:

Sarah Osei-Bonsu, European Studies student

'European Studies ended up being much broader than I expected and delved much deeper.'