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Sophie Blinker

Sophie Blinker has conducted research into a specific protein in bacterial spores to contribute to food safety. The scientific magazine International Journal of Molecular Sciences paid attention to her research. The scientific publication lists Sophie Blinker as the first author, which is very exceptional for a student.

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Rebecca McIntyre

'Even since learning basic Biology in high school, I have been interested by the interactions of molecules and how various proteins work together to coordinate cellular processes.' 

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Jelmi uit de Bos

'To me, it is interesting to find out how something as complex as a cell mechanistically functions - which often turns out to be different than you would think.'

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Bastiaan Leerkotte

'I chose to study at the UvA because it reflects the liberal character which is so typical for Amsterdam. The university offers a framework with sufficient freedom for students to determine their own study path, yet provides enough guidance when needed.'

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Larissa van Ek

'As the most fundamentally oriented track, Biochemistry and Metabolic Diseases particularly gives a broad view on multiple research fields.' 

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Yasmin de Wit

'I chose the University of Amsterdam, because it has great collaborations with major institutes throughout the city. Therefore, students get lectures from leading scientists in the field.’ 

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Ronak Shah

‘The UvA answered my prayers and allowed me to join their Biomedical Sciences: Oncology programme. The courses conducted at state of the art institutes such as AMC and NKI were illuminating.'  

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