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Chemistry: Molecular Sciences (track)

The two-year track Molecular Sciences in the Chemistry Master’s programme, a joint degree programme with the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, covers areas in chemistry that traditionally are associated with organic and inorganic chemistry, catalysis, physical chemistry and theoretical chemistry.

Organic chemistry, biochemistry, and organometallic chemistry are the foundation for a fundamental understanding of the relationship between molecular structure and performance. This field supplies society with the molecules and materials we need for our health, transportation, energy, agriculture and communication. Understanding how molecules function is one of the most important worldwide challenges in chemistry.

Is Molecular Sciences in Amsterdam the track for me?

It is, if you:

  • have a solid background in the core disciplines of chemistry;
  • are interested in using the molecule as the starting point for gaining fundamental insights about materials and chemical, biological and physical processes;
  • want to move from understanding chemical and physical processes, to predicting and controlling them;
  • are eager to apply your knowledge and skills in areas of fundamental importance to society such as energy, sustainability, health and materials sciences;
  • want the benefits of a small-scale programme in which students and staff are in close contact.

What does Molecular Sciences in Amsterdam have to offer me?

This track covers areas in chemistry that traditionally are associated with organic and inorganic chemistry, catalysis, physical chemistry and theoretical chemistry. The track allows you to become an expert in:

  • designing new compounds with specific properties, often with the aid of computational methods;
  • devising efficient methods for the synthesis of new compounds;
  • developing clean and selective catalysts;
  • using the interaction of light and matter to observe and control chemical and physical processes;
  • developing and applying methods in computational and theoretical chemistry in research of structure, dynamics and function in atomic, (bio)molecular and multi-scale systems.

Pre-master's programme

For students with a Dutch HBO background we offer a special Pre-Master's Programme (Schakelprogramma, taught in Dutch). More information on this programme can be found via the link below.

Relevant information

Renowned research institutes

The programme is embedded in various leading national and international research institutes, such as the Research Priority Area Sustainable Chemistry of the University of Amsterdam, the  Amsterdam Center for Multiscale Modeling (ACMM, part of  CECAM) and the  LaserLab Amsterdam (part of  LaserLab Europe). These collaborations provide you with direct access to  a broad pool of experts in relevant fields of study.

Joint degree programme with VU Amsterdam

Molecular Sciences is a track in the Master's programme Chemistry, a joint degree programme of the University of Amsterdam and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Courses are taught at locations of both universities. UvA and VU jointly issue a degree certificate to graduates. As a Chemistry student in Amsterdam you benefit from expertise, networks and research projects at both universities and affiliated research institutes.

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Chemistry: Molecular Sciences (track)
Degree programme MSc Chemistry
Type Regular study programme
Mode Full-time , part-time
Credits 120 ECTS, 24 months
Language of instruction English
Starts in February , September
CROHO code 65012