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Law & Finance (LLM)
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ALFA, the Amsterdam Law and Finance Association, is the study association affiliated with the Law & Finance Master’s at the UvA. In addition to the regular curriculum, ALFA offers a platform for students to become more acquainted with the world of law and finance.

ALFA Board 2019 - 2010
The current board of ALFA.

Free and open membership is available for each and every student of the UvA. With lectures, career events and study trips, ALFA aims to give its members additional experience and knowledge related to law and financial economics.

Events ALFA organizes, include:

  • Guest lectures on topical issues such as FinTech and the relationship between finance and ethics.
  • Firm visits to get in touch with the work field and hear directly from professionals about their experiences.
  • Social events. ALFA provides a place for students with similar interests to meet each other at regular drinks.
  • A multi-day trip to a financial hub.

Want to know more about ALFA? Please check out our Facebook page and our website.

Each academic year, a new board will take charge of ALFA. If you are interested in joining the next board, please inform us about this when applying for the Master’s in Law & Finance. As a board member, you will be in charge of organizing the events and the day-to-day operations of the association. This gives you the opportunity to experience a year as a board member and already get acquainted with your future work field. Being an ALFA board member is a part-time engagement.

If you have questions about ALFA, our activities or a position in the board you can also contact us via

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