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Law & Finance (LLM)

Study programme


Semester 1

  • Block 1 (8 weeks)
    • Accounting and Financial Reporting (3 EC)
    • Business Organisations and Corporate Finance Law (6 EC)
    • Financial Economics and Quantitative Methods (3 EC)
  • Block 2 (8 weeks)
    • Foundations of Finance and Corporate Governance (6 EC)
    • Securities and Markets Regulation (6 EC)
  • Block 3 (4 weeks)
    • Institutional Aspects of EU Financial and Monetary Law and Regulation (3 EC)
    • Introductory phase of the LLM thesis programme (lectures, seminars, etc.), followed in this block and the second semester (blocks 4–6) by research for and writing the thesis (12 EC in total)

Semester 2

  • Block 4 (8 weeks)
    • Finance: Capital Structure and Corporate Reorganisation (6 EC)
    • Prudential Regulation of Banks and Shadow Banks (6 EC)
  • Block 5 (8 weeks)
    • Financial Risk and the Law: Derivatives and Collateral (6 EC)
    • Insolvency Law and Corporate Finance (3 EC)
  • Block 6 (4 weeks)

    LLM thesis (continuation and completion) (12 EC in total; see above at Block 3)

* The information on this website is valid for the current academic year and may change for next year. In May the course catalogue is updated for the next academic year.

The programme has the ambition to set a new and higher standard for what may be expected of financial lawyers, and therefore makes no concessions in its economics curriculum, which includes courses on financial and corporate law and regulation. The relevant subjects will be studied from a combined financial-legal perspective. Students will therefore be taught to think and practice in a thoroughly interdisciplinary manner.