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Psychology: Cultural Psychology (track)
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Admissions FAQ

These are some of the frequently asked questions for the admissions procedure for the one-year Master’s tracks offered at the Graduate School of Psychology of the University of Amsterdam. However, if you have any questions about your admission for the two-year Research Master Psychology, please send them to

  • Can you check my curriculum and tell me if I am eligible?

    We don’t do preliminary assessments of information sent by email to see whether you are eligible, unfortunately. Please upload your transcript and other required documents in your application. Your eligibility will only be assessed based on a  complete application file.

  • I can't hand in all the necessary documents because my exams have been postponed / school is closed. What if I can't start with the programme?

    We are monitoring this situation closely and will take action when needed, following the guidelines of the Dutch government. For now, the government is holding onto the 1 September 2021 start of the academic year.

    Admitted students are informed about which documents we need, and how these documents should be sent to us. The candidate’s university has to email the documents to us. We do not accept digital documents that you mail to us yourself.

    Consider the following points:

    • Your name and UvA ID (student number) must be stated in the e-mail subject line.
    • The date of graduation must be stated on the diploma.
    • The list of grades must include the name of the educational administrator of the school.
    • The documents are encoded and/or digitally signed by your school.
    • The documents contain both a stamp and a signature of the school.

    If you cannot make the 1 September 2021 start, you can cancel your application any time, even if you have already accepted your place. (If you cancel before 1 September 2021, you will also be reimbursed for any tuition fees already paid).

  • Studielink tells me that my previous education has to be verified. What should I do?

General questions 

  • What is a track? What’s the difference between a track and the regular Master’s programme?

    The Graduate School of Psychology offers three Master’s of Science programmes:

    • Psychology 
    • Healthcare Psychology (Dutch-taught only),
    • Research Master’s in Psychology.

    A master’s track is a specialisation within a Master’s programme, with a specific profile and (partly) specific modules.

    Within the Master’s programme in Psychology we offer 10 master’s tracks, 9 of those are offered in English: Behavioural Data Science, Brain & Cognition in Society, Coaching & Vitality in Organisations, Consultancy and Organisational Development, Cultural Psychology, Health Promotion & Behaviour Change, Human Resource and Career Management, Sport and Performance Psychology and Social Influence.

    Within the Master’s programme in Healthcare Psychology we offer 4 Master’s tracks, all of which are offered in Dutch only.

    There are no tracks in the Research Master’s in Psychology. This Master’s has a major/minor system instead.

Questions about the requirements

  • What does an  EC stand for?

    EC stands for a European Credit. In the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), one EC represents 28 hours of workload, including class attendance, self-study and examination

  • I am not sure if I have enough EC’s for each requirement. Could you check my curriculum to see if I meet the requirements?

    1 EC (European Credit) counts as a 28-hours workload. This website contains some useful information about the European Credit system that you may want to read.
    In order to compare your credits to ECs, we advise you to ask your university how they usually do this. They will most likely have a way to measure the workload which can be compared or converted to ECs.

    If you meet the entry requirements, we advise you to apply, even if you’re not totally sure about the credit and level comparison. Once we receive your application, our credential evaluation team will check whether your curriculum and diploma meet the standards of our programme.

Questions about a pre-Master's programme

Questions about application outcome

  • Am I obliged to enroll after accepting the offer?

    No, accepting the offer does not oblige you to enrol and pay tuition fees. You can still cancel your enrolment request before the start of the academic year.

    However, it is necessary that you accept the offer so that we can take the necessary steps to complete your registration. For example, if you do not accept the offer, you may not be able to sign up for courses in time. We therefore advise you to accept the offer as soon as possible, but in any case within the time specified in the admission decision. If you subsequently wish to cancel your enrolment, please contact the Admissions Office at

  • Can I defer the offer?

    Unfortunately it is not possible for the Master's programmes to defer the offer to next year. You are welcome to reapply next year.