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Psychology: Social Influence (track)
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Study programme

The Social Influence master's track is a one-year programme. It trains students to apply social-psychological knowledge and scientifically grounded methods to analyse, empirically investigate, and intervene in real-world human behaviour, with an emphasis on behaviour with societal implications..

Study programme

First semester

The first semester comprises four courses of 6 ECTS each.  

September and October 

1. Developing Interventions (lectures, tutorials & practical assignments) 

2. Behavioural Influence (lectures, tutorials & practical assignments) 

November and December 

3. Applying Research Methods (lectures & tutorials) 

4. Emotional Influence (lectures) 

Second semester 

The second semester starts in January with a Master’s thesis (18 ECTS), where you perfect your theoretical knowledge and academic skill, followed by the Master’s internship (18 ECTS), which you will do in an external organization, where you learn how to translate your academic knowledge and skills to an applied context. 

Master’s thesis 

The goal of the master’s thesis is to gain hands-on experience with the generation of the fundamental knowledge on which evidence-based interventions are built; to improve empirical research skills and to specialise in a specific theoretical topic. You will conduct an empirical study within the research programme of one of the scientific researchers in the Social Psychology department. During this project, you will complete the entire empirical cycle: from formulating a research question, developing the empirical study and collecting data to analysing data and reporting on and presenting results. 

  • Behavioural Influence
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  • Developing Interventions
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  • Master's Thesis Social Influence
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  • Master's Internship Social Influence
  • Applying Research Methods
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  • Emotional Influence
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The internship is typically a work placement in a professional environment. You will spend three (or more) months at a company or institution involved in influencing human behaviour, such as an advertising agency, market research agency, municipality, or training and assessment agency. You are free to find an internship that fits your own interests and career aspirations, either in the Netherlands or abroad. This is facilitated by the University’s network of past internship organisations and the internal track website on which internship vacancies are posted frequently. Alternatively, you may opt for a research internship, which involves working on elements of an ongoing research project under the supervision of a researcher.


First semester: 

  • Lectures: 4 hours per week  
  • Tutorials: 4 hours per week 
  • Self-study: 32 hours per week 

Second semester: 

Activities depend on the supervisor(s) involved, but are expected to add up to 40 hours per week