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How can we make sense of the pandemic’s disruption of social life? What contemporary social struggles would you like to understand? How do people’s most private lives relate to these struggles? In the Master’s in Sociology at the University of Amsterdam, we offer you the tools and skills you need to see the familiar as strange.

Experience the UvA

Study programme

Whether it is wealth inequalities, migration, sexual diversity or the future of work you’re interested in, our programme will train you to ask fundamental questions, search for answers and understand how people, social movements, institutions and governments address them. Courses will address issues from a great variety of intellectual and methodological traditions. This will open up new and exciting ways to think about the issues you care about.

Academic staff

The staff teaching in the Sociology programme is internationally renowned for its research excellence. The programme director is dr. Marguerite van den Berg.


After graduating from the Master’s programme in Sociology you will have a broad range of skills that easily translate into a multitude of careers. The programme gives students a good basis to pursue their studies at the PhD level. Students with an excellent academic record will be encouraged to complete their Master's studies with the development of a proposal for PhD study at the University of Amsterdam.

Is Sociology for you?

The Master’s in Sociology is for you if you want to make sense of the social world, if you want to learn to ask better questions, if you want to learn how to do social scientific research or critically analyze our familiar contexts and, ultimately, if you are keen to think about alternative social worlds.

Facts & figures

Degree programme MSc Sociology
Type Regular study programme
Mode Full-time
Credits 60 ECTS, 12 months
Language of instruction English
Starts in September
CROHO code 66601