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Study programme

The Master’s in Sociology is a one-year programme (60 ECTS) with 30 ECTS dedicated to elective courses about topics such as gender, work, health, and migration (semester 1) and 30 ECTS dedicated to working on your own research project in small scale thesis groups where you will also be trained in methodologies that are relevant to your project (semester 2).

Semester 1

Semester 2

Block 1                      Block 2 and 3 Block 4/5/6
Course (6 ECTS)         Course (9 ECTS) 30 ECTS Master’s Thesis
Course (6 ECTS)         Course (9 ECTS) Intensive teaching and thesis supervision

First Semester

In the first block of the first semester, we will offer the following courses (their names are identical to the names of the 4 trajectories). Students will choose 2 out of these 4 courses of 6 ECTS each:

  • Gender, Sexuality and Culture
  • Migration, Race and Ethnicity
  • Social Problems and Public Policy
  • Economy, Work and Culture

In the second and third block students will follow 2 out of 4 courses of 9 ECTS each:

  • Body, Emotions and Culture
  • Vulnerability and Inequality
  • Welfare States and Markets: Care, Work, Education
  • Sustainable Cities

Second Semester

In the second semester students will work with a supervisor and a small group of students on their own research project. Methodology training will also happen in this small-scale intensive setting to allow for a hands-on approach that is tailored to the project.