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International Development Studies

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The minor International Development Studies give students insight into the history of international development, key theories and a wide range of relevant topics including poverty, inequality, politics, conflict and education. The courses are multi-disciplinary and attract students with a wide range of interests.

For whom?

The minor is especially interesting for students who with interest in:

  • international developmental issues
  • poverty and the global challenges of sustainable development
  • a career with an international focus

Entry requirements

  • Students must have completed their first University  bachelor year
  • Students  who completed the first two years of their higher vocational training (HBO)



  • Students can register for this minor by completing the webform (see the study guide).
  • Students from other universities must first enrol as a minor student of the UvA on
Facts & Figures
Credits 30 ECTS, one year
Language of instruction English
Conditions for admission Preliminary training necessary
Starts in September