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Central PhD Council

The Central PhD Council (previously called ‘UvAPro’) serves the interest of all PhD candidates at an administrative level and is a sounding board for organisational developments within the university concerning PhD candidates.

Additionally, the Central PhD Council is a member of the PhD candidates Network of the Netherlands (PNN), thereby also advocating the interests of PhD candidates at a national level.

Do you sometimes feel lonely or unheard as a PhD candidate within your department or faculty? The Central PhD Council maps these kinds of problems and puts them on the agenda of the Executive Board. The CPC meets the University’s Rector Magnificus four times a year, and is in contact with various common service units (such as the student psychologists) to improve the working environment for PhD candidates.

The board of the Central PhD Council consists of six members: one for each faculty of the University of Amsterdam, with the exception of the Faculty of Medicine (AMC-UvA). We meet once a month, every time at another faculty. PhD candidates who are not a board member, or other university staff members, may attend the board meetings to discuss and put issues on the agenda. Feel free to send us an email!