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AI Technology for People

Technology, applications and implications for society

From self-driving cars and surveillance systems to robot care and machine-learning, artificial intelligence (AI) has a major impact on our daily lives. Together with the City of Amsterdam, the business community, social partners and other research institutions, the University of Amsterdam is conducting groundbreaking research on new algorithms, their applications and their impact on society.

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1 April 2020
Discover Magazine featured an upcoming paper of researchers of the QUVA Deep Vision Lab. The article, entitled 'Digital Simulations Herald a New Era of Intelligent Measurement', focuses on the achievements of using ...
28 February 2020
The aim of the international project, ADMORPH, is to make various types of complex systems that are controlled by computers more resistant to defects and more secure. The new consortium has received a grant of 4.5 ...
14 February 2020
Dr Sebastian Schelter has been announced as the first manager of the AIRLab, the joint ICAI-Ahold Delhaize artificial intelligence industry lab, with effect from 1 April 2020. Dr Schelter, currently a Faculty Fellow ...

AI and technology

UvA and TomTom to open new research lab for autonomous driving

Atlas Lab will focus on using AI for developing advanced, highly accurate and safe high definition maps for self-driving vehicles.

Meaningful control of autonomous systems

The UvA, TNO and CWI will collaborate on research into the impact of intelligent autonomous systems on society and the adoption of AI-based systems.

AI and society

Research Priority Area: Human(e) AI

Research into the legal, ethical and social consequences of AI and automated decision-making.

Societal implications of AI

Seven innovative, interdisciplinary projects will investigate the societal implications of AI. They will draw on the entire breadth and depth of AI research at the University of Amsterdam.

AI and health

Amsterdam partners focus on life sciences, health and AI

A memorandum of understanding was signed by Executive Board President Geert ten Dam, Amsterdam Mayor Femke Halsema and the presidents of the Amsterdam University Medical Centre (UMC), the Vrije Universiteit (VU), the ...

National AI course

AI is everywhere, but few of us know anything about. A free, online 'National AI course' is now available to anyone in the Netherlands who wants to learn the basic principles of artificial intelligence.

AI and law

'Law and fundamental rights will lay the ground rules for humans and AI to cooperate in a fruitful way.'

Natali Helberger, University Professor of Law and Digital Technology, with a special emphasis on Artificial Intelligence

Digital transformation of decision-making

A new research initiative of the Amsterdam Law School on the normative implications of the shift toward automated decision-making.

Research Priority Area: Information, Communication and the Data Society

Interdisciplinary research into the way AI and algorithms affect the role, impact and regulation of information and communication in a data society.
Lab 42 Science Park
The UvA is investing in a new building at Science Park. It will bring together the university, private sector and social partners to create a hub for entrepreneurship, research and teaching in information sciences.
Find a researcher
For requests from the media or from anyone else looking for expertise in the field of AI, we've drawn up a short list of researchers.
€1 billion for AI
Amsterdam's research institutes are committing €1 billion to the development of responsible AI technologies over the next ten years, by setting up research programmes, attracting top scientists and educating students.
UvA selected as centre of excellence
The University of Amsterdam has been selected by the European Laboratory for Learning and Intelligent Systems (ELLIS) as an ‘ELLIS Unit’ to retain talent in machine learning and related AI research fields within Europe.


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