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Bachelor Psychology

Study Programme


The Bachelor's programme is structured to include approximately 40 study hours per week. During the first year, you will have approximately 12 hours of teaching each week. The remaining time is spent on self-study. Self-study may include assignments, searching for and reading study materials in the library, and preparing for exams and write essays.

The first year: introduction

The first year of study, known as the propaedeutic year, consists of a substantive component and a research component

  • During the substantive component, you are introduced to the field of psychology and all its sub-disciplines: biological psychology, social psychology, developmental and educational psychology, work and organisational psychology, clinical psychology, research methods and cognitive psychology.
  • In the research component, you will learn academic skills and writing skills during the courses in Test Theory and Practice (including Research Orientation through Participation), Research Methods and Statistics 1 and practical training groups in Academic Thought. At the end of the year, you will also write a propaedeutic thesis.

After completing all components in the propaedeutic year, you will receive the first-year diploma.

You can find more information about the propaedeutic year of the Bachelor's degree in Psychology at the UvA in the course catalogue. 

Course catalogue

First year: Schedule

Schedule year 1 Bachelor's programme in Psychology 19-20
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The second year: learning to conduct research

In the second year, the focus is on learning how to conduct research:

  • translating psychological questions into a research design
  • compiling a study
  • writing a research report
  • practising communication skills in oral practical training

In addition, you will attend such courses as:

  • Fundamentals of Psychology
  • Scientific and Statistical Reasoning, Including Test Development
  • Electives

You can find more information about the second year of the Bachelor's degree in Psychology at the UvA in the course catalogue.

The third year: specialisation

In the third year, you will choose a major or subject specialisation. There are seven different possibilities:

  • Work and Organisational Psychology
  • Psychological Methods
  • Brain and Cognition
  • Social Psychology
  • Clinical Psychology 
  • Clinical Neuropsychology (Dutch)
  • Clinical Developmental Psychology 

 You can find more information about the third specialisation year of the Bachelor's degree in Psychology at the UvA in the course catalogue.

Teaching methods

  • As a Psychology student, you will attend lectures, tutorials and practical training. During a lecture, the lecturer will do most of the speaking, explaining the literature that you will have studied in advance. 
  • Tutorials are offered in both English-language and Dutch-language versions.
  • Practical training focuses on acquiring special research skills, such as learning to handle psycho-physiological and audiovisual measurement equipment, learning to conduct and interpret tests and practising therapeutic interviews.
  • Most courses culminate in one or multiple tests. These may consist of a written or oral exam, an essay or a presentation.

Binding Study Advice (BSA)

The propaedeutic year of all Bachelor’s programmes at the UvA includes what is known as Binding Study Advice (BSA). This is used at the end of the first year of study (following the summer resits) to determine whether the student genuinely has the motivation and capability to succeed on the degree programme.

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