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Communication Science: Persuasive Communication

Students Persuasive Communication

Angela Bonanno, Yasmin Abdulkadir and Joost de Vries and share their experiences studying Persuasive Communication

Angela Bonanno

Angela Bonanno, Italy

Why did you choose this track?
I specifically chose this track because I have a background in marketing and was curious to learn the most effective techniques to communicate as a professional marketer. Surprisingly however, I ended up loving health communication maybe a bit more, probably because of its more ethical approach.

What do you plan to do in the future with what you’ve learned in the courses?
I believe that my future is bright, Dutch weather notwithstanding. I would love to combine what I have learnt from the two courses and work in the communication department of sports-related or food-related companies.

What do you recommend future students of this track?
My advice to future students is to start your journey with passion. As Aristotle pointed out, there is no persuasion without "pathos". Also, try to join the monthly meetings the faculty organises (e.g. Communication on the Spot) and team up with your fellow students to study and exchange opinions. Living and studying in an international environment is something to treasure and to make the most of.

Yasmin Abdulkadir

Yasmin Abdulkadir, Denmark

Why did you choose this track?
During my Bachelor’s in Denmark, I found out that I really enjoy knowing how you can use content (whether it is spoken or written) to persuade people for the better. Therefore, the persuasive track seemed appealing to me.

What do you plan to do in the future with what you’ve learned in the courses?
I see myself pursuing a career in marketing, but I believe that also the knowledge I gathered in Health Communication will help me a lot. Understanding how to change people’s behaviour for the better is important for many positions in the communication field.

What do you recommend future students of this track?
Be prepared to work hard, and learn a lot - but that is what comes from studying at the no. 1 university in the world by subject! You will experience that the staff is very approachable and always happy to help.

Joost de Vries

Joost de Vries, The Netherlands

Why did you choose this track?
After my Bachelor’s, I worked in the health department of two different Dutch municipalities, where, in my opinion, the communication to the target groups was not ideal. That made me look into Masters’ that equipped me with the skills for these challenges. The Health Communication specialization of this track was a perfect fit combining sound theoretical understanding of the behavioural psychology of health and the practical implementation of health interventions.

How has this track helped you develop?
This track has given me an understanding of the theoretical foundation on which human behaviour rests. It gave me a new perspective on how and why people do what they do. Changing (health) behaviour is not a simple task, but much research has been done that gives an important starting point for health communication professionals.

What do you plan to do in the future with what you’ve learned in the courses?
I would like to work at research centres doing research on different health-related issues. Another interesting step could be going back to work in the health department of the government, and tackle an urging health problem. While I’m not exactly sure about where my career will go next, I can safely say that the persuasive communication track narrowed it down for me and gave me more of a direction.