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Communication in the Digital Society is an initiative of the Department of Communication Science launched in September 2020 to consolidate, accelerate and expand research and teaching on the most urgent issues of today’s society regarding the impact of digitalization for the way we learn, work, enjoy and connect with others.

Digital Society and Teaching

A series of activities are planned to accelerate and expand teaching related to the Digital Society within the College of Communication and the Graduate School of Communication. All activities will integrate the latest knowledge generated by the Amsterdam School of Communication Research both in terms of theories and methods for studying Digital Society phenomena. 

As a first step, a new minor track Communication in the Digital Society will be launched at the College of Communication for Bachelor's students. This minor will provide the knowledge and (methodological) skills on digitisation and computational communication methods necessary to critically understand the developments in the communication and media environment within contemporary, data-rich societies. 

After completing the minor, students are able to apply existing knowledge to identify, execute, reflect upon and criticize key methodological aspects of how communication is constituted within the Digital Society.

Digital Society and Research

The research activities at the Amsterdam School of Communication Research (ASCoR) address an ambitious agenda on digitalisation as an object and as a method of study, exploring the antecedents, causes and consequences of communication within the Digital Society. They also include setting up and expanding common infrastructure and methods to assist research in this theme.

As a first step, four PhD projects have started as of September 2020. These projects have an emphasis on Digital Society as an object of study, as well as on using and extending computational research methods for Communication Science. They run for four years, and have a strong connection to the teaching activities.

Communication in the Digital Society PhD projects