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Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences

Navigating a complex world

EU-funded researchers concerned how coronavirus will impact refugees

9 Apr 2020
Concern for the well-being of refugees is growing. The International Organization for Migration (IOM) sounded the alarm over conditions in crowded reception centres on five Greek islands. Is the EU doing enough to ...

Most people remain decent even when under pressure

24 Mar 2020
The rapid spread of the coronavirus is generating anxiety, stress and pressure. How does this affect people? Some studies claim that stress and pressure make people greedy. Other studies, in contrast, predict ...

Mapping the effects of homeschooling on social inequality in educational outcomes

8 Apr 2020
UvA sociologist Thijs Bol is going to map the short- and long-term effects of homeschooling during the coronacrisis on social inequality in educational outcomes. This project is co-financed by ODISSEI in the extra ...

All at home: the impact of Covid-19 policies and media coverage on families with very young children

2 Apr 2020
Before the Covid-19 pandemic a team of UvA sociologists launched a research project to study the daily lives of Amsterdam families with very young children. During this pandemic the project continues, now also ...

UvA data scientists volunteer their expertise

3 Apr 2020
A great deal of research and data will be required to bring the Covid-19 pandemic to a halt and solve the problems it has caused. UvA scientists are now volunteering to help conduct statistical data analysis for ...

Research into ‘corona humour’

6 Apr 2020
UvA communication scientist Mark Boukes collects and analyses corona humour from around the globe, together with Giselinde Kuipers from KU Leuven. What differences exist between humorous expressions in various ...
#HotPoliticsLab corona-crisis-series: Anne Marthe van der Bles (University of Groningen)
Bert Bakker and Gijs Schumacher will talk with Anne Marthe van der Bles (University of Groningen, Psychology) about communicating uncertainty, on trust and follow-up studies on COVID-19. The talk will be followed by a Q&A.
4M Podcast: 'COVID-19 Shakes International Politics'
Abbey Steele and Darshan Vigneswaran speak to Francesca Grandi & Antonio Barroso about the UN response to COVID-19 and how to guide governments and businesses in addressing uncertainty.
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