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We provide an all-round, interdisciplinary and academic education in the practical, theoretical and scientific aspects of the profession.

Alongside the methodological approaches and practical skills required to become a conservator, students are taught a wide array of supporting scientific and analytical techniques. Practical work is carried out on objects of cultural significance, with ready access to analytical facilities in the same building. As well as an attitude of critical reflection, Post-Master's students are able to tackle the complex conservation assessment and decision making processes that are key to the profession.

The Conservation and Restoration programme offers:

  • A unique four-year object conservation programme (Master's plus Advanced Professional Programme) consisting of practical and academic training in one of nine tracks: Book and Paper; Contemporary Art; Glass and Ceramics; Historic Interiors; Metals; Paintings; Photography; Textiles; Wood and Furniture (alternating intake).
  • A specialisation in Technical Art History focusing on cultural heritage object analysis and interpretation.
  • Collaboration with many (inter)national institutions affiliated with the field of conservation.
  • Continuing Professional Development for professionals working in the field of conservation.
  • Summer Schools.