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The UvA Immigration team can make changes to your current valid Dutch residence permit. On this page, you'll find information on the procedure for requesting an extension of your residence permit.

How to start?

You can apply for an extension three months before the expiration date on your current residence permit card. Please note that you'll not be automatically invited to this procedure. Instead, you'll need to start the extension application yourself through this webpage. We will then send the application to the IND on your behalf.

Conditions to start your application

To extend your current residence permit, you need to ensure that you receive at least 50% of your study load. For detailed information, visit the Study Progress Monitoring page.

Switching from institution

You already have a residence permit for study applied for by another school or university. The UvA Immigration team needs to notify the IND that you are enrolled in a study programme at the UvA.

Application process

Once you have applied for an extension, the UvA Immigration team will review your documents and send your application to the IND on your behalf. The IND takes 4-6 weeks to approve an application.

You'll receive a new residence permit card after the extension application has been completed. We will inform you by email on how to submit your biometrics, if required, and how to collect your new residence permit. For the latest updates in this procedure, please check our Upon arrival checklist. Please note that you will continue to hold valid residency status while your extension application is pending, even if your current residence permit expires during the application process.


You can start your application for an extension three months before the expiration date of your permit. However, applications submitted after the expiration date will result in a residence gap. Please scroll down to read about the consequences.

Applications costs

The fee for an extension of your residence permit is €228. This fee is non-refundable.


Return visa

If you intend to travel outside of the Netherlands, you will need to check whether or not your current residence permit will still be valid upon your return to the Netherlands. If this is not the case, you must apply for a return visa with the IND. You can only apply for a return visa if your application for an extension has been sent to the IND. Please note that you only need a return visa if you are subject to an entry visa requirement. This means that because of your nationality, you need an entry visa to travel to the Netherlands. Please visit the IND website for more information. The fee for a return visa is €164.

Residence gap

A residence gap is when you don’t have legal residence in the Netherlands. This will have consequences for a future application for a Dutch permanent residence permit. For more information about the residence gap, please contact the IND.