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Bank statement and scholarship criteria might be part of the required documents. Uploading the required documents correctly will ensure that your application can be sent to the IND as quickly as possible so that you can travel to Amsterdam.

Bank statements must include:

  • The date (the bank statement must be dated within the last two months)
  • Your or your sponsor’s full name
  • The full account number
  • The balance: enough to cover your required financial means
  • The currency
  • The contact details of the bank, including address, phone number, email or website
  • And must be in one of the following languages: Dutch, English, French, German

The account must be a current checking, savings, or deposit account. Certificates of Deposits are only accepted if the statements confirm there is no restriction on withdrawal. We never accept timed deposits, investment portfolios, trust funds or credit card accounts.

Scholarship letters must include:

  • The institution that is granting the scholarship
  • Who the scholarship is granted to (initials, surname, date of birth)
  • The period during which the scholarship is granted
  • The amount of the scholarship. It is clearly stated that you will be able to spend the scholarship on your living expenses and the tuition fee of the UvA during your stay in the Netherlands
  • Under which scholarship program the scholarship will be provided
  • The date the scholarship is provided