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Amsterdam Law School

Application and deadlines

Amsterdam Law School

Fill in the application form and take the following steps to register for Open UvA Courses.

Application Form Open UvA Lectures

Step 1

Find the course you would like to follow in the online Course Catalogue. You will find the lecture schedule at


Step 2

Fill in the registration form. Hand in or send a signed copy to the Faculty Administration of the Amsterdam Law School.

Post address:

Amsterdam Law School
Bureau Contractonderwijs – room 7.01
Postbus 1030
1000 BA Amsterdam

Physical address:

Education Desk, Amsterdam Law School
Nieuwe Achtergracht 166
1017 WV Amsterdam

Step 3

Make sure to enclose a certified copy of your degree certificate and list of marks and a copy of your ID. Your application will be processed once all documents have been received.

Step 4

Once your application is approved, you will receive a letter of confirmation and additional information by email. The letter of confirmation is your proof of enrolment.

Step 5

As a contract student, you will be issued a UvAnetID and corresponding password (please check your spam mail). Your UvAnetID gives access to various UvA online systems such as SIS, UvAmail and Canvas. If you already have a UvAnetID, it will be reactivated once you are enrolled as a contract student. You can use your old password to log on to the various systems. If you no longer know the password, follow this link to change it:

Change your UvAnetID password

Step 6

You are officially admitted to the course following approval of your written application and enrolment. You will only be registered for the examination once we have received payment in full.


Application Deadlines

In academic 2018-2019, the following deadlines apply, i.e. the Amsterdam Law School must receive your application no later than the following dates.

With/ without lectures/tutorials 

First deadline

Second deadline

First Semester



 Period 1

BA: 4 June 2018

MA: 2 July 2018

6 August 2018

 Period 2

BA: 4 June 2018

MA: 2 July 2018

1 October 2018

 Period 3

BA: 26 November 2018

MA: n/a

10 December 2018

MA: n/a

Second Semester


 Period 1

BA: 26 November 2018

MA: 26 November 2018

7 January 2019

 Period 2

BA: 4 February 2019

MA: 26 November 2019

4 March 2019

 Period 3

BA: 4 February 2019

MA: n/a

6 May 2019

MA: n/a

Most courses allow you to choose between “intensive” (i.e. including lectures and tutorials) and “extensive” (i.e. without lectures or tutorials) enrolment. For more information, please consult the corresponding course page in the UvA Course Catalogue.


Course Catalogue

First deadline: guaranteed placement

Placement is guaranteed if the Faculty has received your application for one or more courses in the first semester or one or more courses in the second semester by the corresponding first deadline.

Second deadline: placement subject to availability

Placement is subject to availability for applications received by the Faculty after the first deadline but no later than the second deadline. If you have

If you have also missed the second deadline, please contact to discuss options and availability.