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Politics and International Relations

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Europe’s external relations

Olga Burlyuk is assistant professor of Europe’s external relations in the Department of Political Science. Her areas of expertise include international relations; European (Union) politics and external relations; Eastern Europe, post-Soviet states, Ukraine. | | 020 525 8838

Politics of Europe

Theresa Kuhn is professor of Modern History and Politics of Europe in a Global Context. Her areas of expertise are: the European Union, European elections, the European Parliament, political preferences, nationalism, Euroscepticism, European identity, solidarity. |


Michael Kemper is professor and chair of Eastern European Studies. His areas of expertise include Russian politics and foreign policy; history of modern Eastern Europe and Eurasia; Russia and the EU. | | 020 525 4370

International relations

Annette Freyberg-Inan is professor of International Relations Theory. Her areas of expertise include international relations and international political economy; European integration and EU enlargement; transitions in Central and Eastern Europe and Turkey; and political protest. |

Eastern Europe

Carlos Reijnen is associate professor East European studies. His areas of expertise include European integration; Central and Eastern European history and politics; the foreign policy of the EU; and the history of European integration. | | 020 525 2608 

Political economy

Brian Burgoon is professor of Political Economy in the Department of Political Science. His areas of expertise include international relations; global economic integration; comparative political economy; welfare state development; and democratic political representation. | | 020 525 3189

Liza Mügge (photo: JW Kaldenbach)
Photo: JW Kaldenbach
Diversity & political representation

Dr Liza Mügge is a political scientist. Her areas of expertise are political transnationalism, diversity and inequality based on gender and ethnicity. She also conducts research into the political representation of women and ethnic minorities. | | 020 525 2173

Annette Schrauwen (photo: Joep van Drunen)
Photo: Joep van Drunen
European integration

Prof. Annette Schrauwen is professor of European Integration, in particular citizenship law and history. Her research mainly concerns the concept of European citizenship and the rights and obligations that this entails, as well as the associated developments in the administration of justice and legislation. | 020 525 2971

European Union

Prof. Christina Eckes is professor of European Law. Her areas of expertise are the EU's external relations; institutional and constitutional issues; fundamental rights; access to justice and climate disputes. | | 020 525 8513

Joost Berkhout (photo: Jeroen Doomernik)
Photo: Jeroen Doomernik
Lobbyists, activists and advocacy groups

Dr Joost Berkhout is an assistant professor of Political Science and conducts research into the activities of lobbyists, activists and advocacy groups in the Netherlands and elsewhere in Europe. His recent research focuses on the relationship between citizens' political concerns, the issues on which interest representatives are active and government priorities. He also examines the receptivity of political parties to lobbyists. | | 020 525 2641

Floris Vermeulen (photo: Bas Uterwijk)
Photo: Bas Uterwijk
Participation and integration

Dr Floris Vermeulen is an associate professor in the Department of Political Science. His research focuses on the social and political participation of minorities at the local level, particularly in Amsterdam. He also examines, among other things, local integration policies and local policies in European cities with regard to combating violent extremism. | | 0205252120

Polarisation and populism

Dr Bert Bakker is an associate professor at the Amsterdam School of Communication Research. In his research, he focuses on issues related to social polarisation and populism. In particular, he examines the psychological explanations for voter behaviour, focusing on the role of voter personality and voter emotion. He also conducts research into views on democracy. |

Tom van der Meer (photo: Dirk Gillissen)
Photo: Dirk Gillissen
Political trust and electoral behaviour

Prof. Tom van der Meer is professor of Political Science. His areas of expertise are trust in politics and the judiciary, political participation, political preferences, social cohesion, ethnic diversity, opinion polls and research methodologies. | | 020 525 5304

Photo: Kirsten van Santen
Welfare state and social policy

Prof. Femke Roosma is professor by special appointment in the Dr J.M. den Uyl chair. She conducts research into the welfare state and social policy, and how these can ensure better social security and stronger ties within society. In particular, she looks at how we can strengthen the legitimacy of the welfare state and how social policy in the Netherlands can be brought more into line with what society considers important. How can we democratise the welfare state? |