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Below you can find a step-by-step explanation on course registration at the Faculty of Science.

1. Course approval

Once your exchange application is positively evaluated and you are accepted as an exchange student of the Faculty of Science, we will evaluate your eligibility for the selected courses. We will send you status updates on the eligibility  for the courses you have selected in your application. Make sure to frequently check your email on status updates so you can reply when this is required. We will do this in May for semester 1 and in November for semester 2. 

2. When do you register for courses?

Enrolment for courses in semester 1 will be done in June and for semester 2 in December. Enrolment is subject to course availability and faculty approval. 
If you have chosen courses outside the Faculty of Science, please note that placement is difficult and cannot be guaranteed, however we will do our best to place you for the selected courses. 

3. How do you register for courses?

Once the list of courses for which you are eligible is finalized, you will be able to register for courses via the university's course registration system called GLASS. For more information about the actual course registration you can visit our course registration page. 

4. How to best prepare for course registration?

You have already filled out your preferred courses in your application. This is the list we will work with to check your course eligibility. Make sure to timely answer any emails you receive form us about courses selection. This way we can quickly finalize your course list. 

During this period of checking we will ask you to also check your timetables. It is your own responsibility to apply for courses with timetables that do not overlap. The recommended study load for one semester is 30 EC: 12 EC in block 1, 12 EC in block 2 and 6 EC in block 3.

An overview of the courses that are part of the exchange programme can be found in the UvA Course Catalogue. Search for the following programme: Exchange Programme Faculty of Science

The timetable can be found on the University's timetable page. Please note that the timetable is available a few weeks before course registration starts.