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Cultural and societal questions are impacting our community more and more and demand new points of view. The political sphere, the business sphere and the public sector all have a great need for critical long-term perspectives on cultural matters in and around Europe. The interdisciplinary programme in Ancient Studies forms an excellent preparation for a career in managerial, cultural and educational positions that deal with such matters. After your Bachelor's you can choose to enrol in a related Master’s programme or take your first steps on the job market. Read about the possibilities after your Bachelor's degree.

 A Bachelor’s degree in Ancient Studies gives you the opportunity to work in many different fields:

  • Government and business: for instance, you can do a traineeship at the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science or the EU, or take up a position as consultant or project manager for a company.
  • Cultural sector: you can work as, among others, an archaeologist, museum curator or heritage manager at UNESCO.
  • Journalism and publishing: you can find work as a journalist, an editor at a publishing agency, or as a speech writer for a political party.
  • Education: you can train to be a teacher in Classical languages or History, work as a manager at a school, or lead cultural trips.
  • Academia: you can further specialise by doing research at a university.

A related Master's programme

Most students enrol in a Master’s programme to acquire broader or more specialised academic knowledge. The UvA offers over 220 one-, one and a half- and two-year Master’s programmes, many of which are taught in English. If you are looking to acquire broader or more specialised academic knowledge following your Bachelor's, apply for one of the UvA's Master's programmes.

With a Bachelor's degree in Ancient Studies, you might be eligible for admission to the one-year (60 EC) Master's programmes:

You could also opt for a Dual Master's programme: a profession-oriented programme at academic level of one and a half-year (90 EC), including an internship. Due to the limited number of available internships, a strict selection procedure is in place. Admission is not guaranteed. With a Bachelor's degree in Ancient Studies you might be interested in applying for the following Dual Master's programmes:

Students with a strong interest in research can also apply for one of our two-year Research Master's programmes (120 EC). There is a selection process for all Research Master's programmes. Admission is not guaranteed. Selection criteria include, but are not limited to your motivation, study results, thesis, and the content of your Bachelor's programme. With a Bachelor's degree in Ancient Studies you might be interested in applying for the following Research Master's:

You can obtain a first-degree teaching certificate with the Master's degree in teacher training. First, you will complete a Master's program in your field. After this you are admissible to the Master.

Depending on the content of your Bachelor's programme, you might also be eligible for admission to the two-year interdisciplinary Master's programme:

Koen Vacano, PhD candidate
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My research concerns the question of what the epics of our own time are and how they use epic narrative structures from Antiquity. Koen Vacano, PhD candidate Read the interview

Your diploma is not a farewell

After graduating, you don't have to say goodbye to the University of Amsterdam! We are happy to help you develop your career. You can join the young alumni programme, which will assist you in mapping out your career. And as an alumnus, you can also still use the Student Careers Centre.