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In view of the integrated approach taken by this Master's programme, both legal and economic, students must have a sufficient level of mathematical ability. A basic mathematics test is therefore part of the admissions procedure.

The test focuses on proficiency in algebra, at the level of Algebra I at the Khan Academy. Besides, the test includes simple exercises in statistics and probability theory. 

Specifically, the test will focus on the following mathematical abilities:

  • Solving linear equations and inequalities with a single variable;
  • Solving and analysing quadratic functions;
  • Solving absolute value equations;
  • Adding, subtracting and multiplying polynomial expressions;
  • Calculating descriptive statistics such as arithmetic mean and variance;
  • Solving simple exercises in probability theory;
  • Calculating future value with interest rate.

To prepare for the test, please check the very useful (.PDF) files below. In addition to practicing for the test with these files, you can make use of the website of the Khan Academy.

Download Math Test Preparation file (PDF)

Download trial exam (28 February 2022 version)

Questions? Please take a look at our FAQ below
  • Is the math test on campus or online?

    The math test is an online take-home test. You will have access to the test through a system called ‘Ans’.

  • When will I get access to the math test?

    After submitting your application for the LLM Law & Finance, you will be informed whether you are invited for the math test within 5 weeks after the application deadline. You will then be able to log in to the Ans system with your UvAnetID login.

  • By when will I need to complete the test?

    Early bird round:

    If you apply before 15 December you can make the test between: 15 – 28 January

    If you apply between 15 December and 15 January  you can take the test between: 20 – 28 January

    1 April round:

    If you apply before 20 March you can make the test between: 3 – 17 April

    If you apply between 21 March and 1 April you can take the test between: 10 – 17 April

    1 June round:

    If you apply before 22 May you can make the test between 1 – 16 June

    If you apply between 22 May and 1 June you can take the test between 8 – 16 June

    Please note that if you apply well before the deadline, you will have more time to take the Mathematics test.

  • Can I retake the math test?

    Since the test is an entrance exam, a retake is not possible.

  • What is the content of the mathematics test and how can I prepare for the test?

    You can find information on the content of the mathematics test above.


  • Is there a practice exam I can take?

    Yes, prior to the actual exam you will have to take a practice exam to get familiar with the system and the kind of questions you can expect. Make sure to only do the practice test when you have time to immediately continue with the actual test. You need to do both tests in one go.

  • What does the Statement of Authentication include?

    A statement which you need to sign by entering the date and your name:

    "I hereby declare that I make this test independently, without assistance from external parties and without the use of resources other than those indicated. I am aware that doing otherwise may constitute fraud. I understand that in the case of suspicion of fraud or fraudulent actions the test results may be declared invalid and my application may be excluded from further consideration. I understand that I must fill out this declaration in order for my results to be considered valid."

  • Do I need to have the camera on during the test?


  • Am I allowed to use a calculator during the test?

    Yes, you are allowed to use a traditional, non-programmable calculator.

  • In case I encounter technical issues, will it be possible to retake the test?

    Applicants are expected to ensure access to good functioning IT equipment and internet to take the online test. Upon thorough consideration and approval by the selection committee, a retake may be allowed in highly exceptional cases, e.g. when an applicant experiences severe technical issues. Please note that a retake is highly exceptional and the selection committee will only decide on this in case of severe technical issues. In case of severe technical issues, especially if caused by test provider Ans, applicants are expected to immediately contact the ICT department as indicated in the math invitation email.

  • What is the best moment to take the test?

    During working days and hours, such that if any technical issues appear you can immediately contact the ICT support.

  • How much time will I have to take the test?

    One you start the trial exam you will have 30 minutes for the trial exam. Once you start the actual Mathematics test you will have 60 minutes to finish it.

  • If I fail the math test, can I reapply for a next selection round?

    No, but you are welcome to apply again next academic year.