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Teaching Institutes

The Amsterdam Law School comprises 3 teaching institutes: the Amsterdam College of Law (Bachelor’s programmes), the Amsterdam Graduate School of Law (Master’s programmes) and the PPLE College (the PPLE Bachelor’s programme). Each school is headed by a director and each programme is headed by a programme director supported by coordinators. Staff is allocated to the various departments, the Faculty Office and the Education Service Centre (ESC).

Organizational chart

Organogram for the Amsterdam Law School

Academic Staff

The academic staff of the faculty is largely housed within departments. The department chair is responsible for the quality of the personnel.

The law faculty consists of the following departments:

*PPLE is both a scientific department and a college. Additionally, PPLE is a programme developed and executed in collaboration with the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences (FMG) and the Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB).

Department General Jurisprudence

Prof. dr. B. (Benjamin) van Rooij

Department Chair General Jurisprudence

M.E. (Marlies) Woltjer


Department Labour Law, Information Law and Law & Economics

Prof. dr. A. (Agnes) Akkerman

Department Chair Labour Law, Information Law and Law & Economics

Prof. dr. A. (Agnes) Akkerman

Section Chair Labour Law

Prof. dr. M.R.F. (Martin) Senftleben

Section Chair Information Law

Prof. dr. A.M. (Alessio M.) Pacces

Section Chair Law & Economics

Department International & European Law

Prof. I. (Ingo) Venzke

Department Chair International & European Law

D.P. (Désirée) Blessing


Prof. dr. A.A.M. (Annette) Schrauwen

Section Chair European Law

Prof. I. (Ingo) Venzke

Section Chair International Law

Department Private Law

Prof. dr. mr. J.H.M. (Sjef) van Erp

Interim Department Chair Private Law

Department Public Law

Prof. mr. J.E. (Jacobine) van den Brink

Section Chair Public Law

L.N. (Lilian) Ramdien


Prof. dr. mr. A. (Anniek) de Ruijter

Section Chair Health Law

Prof. mr. J.E. (Jacobine) van den Brink

Section Chair Constitutional and Administrative Law

Prof. mr. dr. S. (Sven) Brinkhoff

Section Chair Criminal Law

Prof. dr. S. (Stef) van Weeghel

Section Chair Tax Law


Dr R.G.F. (Radboud) Winkels

Department Chair PPLE

The Faculty Office

The Faculty Office supports the operations of the Amsterdam Law School and provides services in the areas of education, research, finance, personnel & organisation, accommodation & facilities, and marketing & communication.

The Education Service Centre

The Education Service Centre (ESC) provides operational educational support and is centralis ed at the faculty level. The ESC of the Amsterdam Law School consists of a head and 6 teams, which support teachers and students in various ways.