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The Amsterdam Research Centre for Health Economics (ARCHE) was founded by Amsterdam UMC (Amsterdam University Medical Centers), UvA-EB (Faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Amsterdam) and SEO (SEO Amsterdam Economics). The institute serves as a hub for collaborations with organisations in the Dutch healthcare system.


The Dutch healthcare system is under much pressure. Most of these challenges are complex and multidisciplinary in nature. ARCHE studies complex challenges in healthcare through the lenses of economics, business administration and health science. The institute aims to be a bridge between research and healthcare practice. It facilitates the adoption of research and innovation in the field.

What do we do?

ARCHE currentle focuses on 3 themes:

  • Labor market. Staff shortages are the most pressing threat to the healthcare system. ARCHE researchers study the labor market, HR policies and retention of staff, and productivity improvement by process innovation and technology adoption. The goal is to find ways to deliver more care with fewer staff, while making the sector a healthy and rewarding work environment.
  • Disease and labor. Also beyond the healthcare sector, there is emphasis on improving people’s participation in work. ARCHE researchers analyse the impact of the course of specific diseases on employability. The goal is to stimulate suitable prevention policies, and contribute to a healthier work force.
  • Pharmaceutical industry. The market for pharmaceuticals does not always function well in meeting public values and society’s needs. ARCHE researchers study business strategies in the pharmaceutical and medical sectors from the perspectives of corporate social responsibility and sustainability. The goal is to find innovations and reforms to make the pharma industry better meet society’s needs.

From mission to impact

ARCHE uses 4 approaches to execute its mission:

  • Fundamental research: currently, seven PhD students work in the areas above, collaborating with researchers from health sciences, economics and business administration.
  • Applied research: theory and research are translated to actionable insights for policymakers. For example, impact and effect studies clarify the effects of innovations and interventions, while societal cost/benefit analyses guide the selection and design of policies.
  • Industry collaborations: ARCHE reaches out to healthcare institutions, policy makers, insurance companies and interest groups for bridging the gaps between theory and research on the one hand, and the stubborn implementation in healthcare practice.
  • Teaching and inspiration: insights and expertise are disseminated in the MBA in Healthcare Management programme and programs for top administrators and healthcare leaders.


The healthcare system is very complex, and implementing a new idea or technology is notoriously difficult. Many process innovations get lost in the maze of funders, medical interest groups, organizational dynamics and the fragmentation of the healthcare field. ARCHE researchers study the complex process of adoption and implementation. Our network of collaborations in the sector offers a field guide for innovators with good ideas, helping them to chart a way through the implementation maze.


Interested in working with us? ARCHE aims to be a hub for constructive, cross-disciplinary research collaborations. If you have a good idea, or a pressing question that requires analysis, or expertise that is relevant to challenges in health and care, please reach out to us.

Prof. dr. J. (Jeroen) de Mast