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Overview Eureka! editions

Eureka! is the knowledge newsletter of Economics and Business. Interviews with our researchers about their current research are published in this quarterly newsletter.

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Managers less rational than models tend to assume

Interview with Sander Onderstal | People rely on emotions and moral standards, such as the consideration of fairness, in their financial decisions. 'Managers are "humans" too'.

Machine learning helps to classify service requests in city

Interview with Maarten Sukel | To improve the liveability of cities, day-to-day and future problems need to be solved. Machine learning can give the solutions.

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More interviews in this Eureka! edition • Thomas Buser about the difference in competition at work between man and women and its consequences

Eureka! edition July 2019

Monetary policy to limit bubbles in financial markets

Interview with Myrna Hennequin | An interest rate hike combined with a transparent policy might dampen expectations that drive bubbles in financial markets.

Measuring preferences through virtual questions

Interview with Roselinde Kessels | Sophisticated choice questions and statistical methods are a good way to obtain insight into people’s preferences.

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More interviews in this Eureka! • Qingchen Wang on using machine learning in decision making processes in operations management and digital marketing.

Eureka! edition March 2019

Reducing process variation is crucial

Interview with Ronald Does | Improve efficiency and reduce the number of avoidable errors in processes, especially in hospitals.

Member States distort each other's bond markets

Interview with Massimo Giuliodori | Member states should coordinate their government bonds auctions more closely to reduce additional costs.

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More interviews in this Eureka! • Dorinth van Dijk on the marketability of real estate as a price change predictor • Hannah Berkers on the impact of changing tasks on employees

Eureka! edition October 2018

Population growth Africa: money spent on wrong issues

Interview with Pauline Rossi | Crucial components driving population growth, like economic considerations, are being overlooked.

Group pressure and intuition in economic decisions

Interview with Stephen Jagau | Do people make other decisions in groups than individually and what is the value of intuition in solving complex problems?

More interviews in Eureka! October 2018

More interviews in this Eureka! • Renske van Geffen on a company's role in employee pro-activity • David Veenman on predictive power and prudence in financial accounting