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Working at the UvA means working for an organisation with a social purpose. The university is a working environment that focuses on content and providing space. You will be offered great career paths, good employment conditions and facilities to develop yourself to reach your full potential.

Academic career paths at EB

At UvA Economics and Business (EB) you are offered challenging academic career paths in an international environment.

  • Tenure Track

    Our Tenure Track offers access to inspiring international networks of leading scientists. As a young talented scientist you have the opportunity to reach your full potential in your academic career. During the Tenure Track in our international community you will be challenged to develop yourself in research. You will be stimulated to form your own vision, look beyond your own academic field and to inspire students and to be inspired. In this trajectory you will be intensively supervised and coached by one of our professors. You will start as an Assistant Professor and will grow into the position of Associate Professor and a permanent position.

  • PhD students have a stepping stone to a successful international academic career

    Do you want to pursue an academic career and are you willing to contribute to innovative research and education in our engaged community. There are two main ways to start a PhD track:

    1. through a research master’s programme of the Tinbergen Institute
    2. directly through an open vacancy

    As a PhD researcher you are employed by UvA Economics and Business (EB) in a full-time position. This means you will receive all the benefits of employment, including a good salary. Furthermore, you can also take part in the PhD support programme entitles Mastering my PhD.

    How to become a PhD student at the Amsterdam Business School

    How to become a PhD student at the Amsterdam School of Economics

  • Be a lecturer in an international community

    In a lecturer position, you operate in an international community of students and staff. Because our teaching is Research-based, 10 percent of your working time is set aside for research. You will start in a temporary position. If you have proven to be a gifted lecturer who inspires students and you have finished a PhD, a permanent position may lie ahead.

Before joining UvA Economics and Business (EB), you will want to hear more about the employment conditions, such as pay, pension scheme, the Collective Labour Agreement (CAO), education and training opportunities, as well as about other facilities at the University of Amsterdam (UvA).

Professional career development

The guiding principle of our career development policy within UvA Economics and Business (EB) is that staff are encouraged to get the best out of themselves, to develop their talents as best they can and to take control of their own careers. With this guiding principle in mind, EB offers an inspiring, challenging working environment with ample room for career development.

  • Professional career counselling

    Professional career coaches are available to support and advise you on your career.

  • Management and leadership development

    The UvA has a variety of leadership programmes for academics, staff and support staff, such as introduction to leadership and develop your future, leadership in education, and academic and strategic leadership.

    Moreover, academics will start acquiring management experience early on in their careers. Each and every member of our academic staff will contribute to the management and continuing development of their section and the faculty. This will start with minor managerial tasks and gradually evolve over the course of a career into playing more substantial management roles temporarily and with a degree of regularity.

Education professionalisation

To safeguard the quality of our education, we stimulate our lecturers’ development by offering opportunities for training and coaching. You can choose from 6 professionalisation tracks for lecturers:

  • University Teaching Qualification (BKO)

    With the University Teaching Qualification you can demonstrate and/or develop the qualities a (university) lecturer should possess.

  • Advanced University Teaching Qualification (SKO)

    The Advanced University Teaching Qualification (Advanced UTQ) focuses on skills that an experienced university lecturer with broad educational responsibilities must possess. The Advanced UTQ programme takes place twice a year and is provided by UvA Academic Affairs. You can sign up for this course through the college or programme director.

  • Training for PhD students

    As a PhD student you often teach courses and tutorials. To guide you in your tasks, UvA Economics and Business offers 'Mastering my PhD,' a programme focused on didactic as well as academic skills.

  • English presentation skills for non-native speakers

    Since UvA Economics and Business is an international faculty, it is important that we meet expectations regarding English-taught education. The in-house English presentation skills course is for UvA EB lecturers and PhD candidates that want to be more effective and convincing in English.

  • A variety of courses and workshops on specific subjects

    Teaching is a complex matter. After completing the University Teaching Qualification (UTQ), you might want to continue your professional development. UvA Economics and Business provides support in this regard by facilitating additional professional training courses.

  • Individual coaching

    With individual coaching the focus lies on your specific questions and needs. The coach explores your teaching practice and your perspective on teaching and education. From there, you work together towards a practical approach. If desired, the coach can observe your actions during lectures and give you feedback. Lecturers usually find such feedback very helpful. 

Other benefits for all staff

  • You will have discounts and attractive terms, including health insurance and other insurance policies;
  • You can practise your favourite sport(s) for free at the University Sports Centre (USC);
  • You will have 10% discount on books in English at Athenaeum bookstore;
  • You can take courses in photography, music and theatre at the cultural organisation CREA;
  • We work with a ‘cafeteria system’ that gives you the option to buy or sell holiday entitlement or to trade in taxable salary for tax-free allowances, such as the bicycle purchase;
  • You will be given an ICT credit of €125 per annum, enabling you to purchase software and hardware for use at home;
  • Internet allowance of €25 a month;
  • Support setting up your home office;
  • Laptop and telephone on loan;
  • Free access to the library of the UvA and Amsterdam UAS.