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Amsterdam Law School

Meet our staff

The Amsterdam Law School aims for a study environment and an educational concept in which academic freedom and independence play a central role. This is reflected in the atmosphere and attitude cultivated by the members of staff. Meet some of our staff members.

Dhr. prof. dr. R. Wesseling [Rein]

‘European Competition Law and Regulation is about regulating businesses in Europe’

Prof. dr. Rein Wesseling is Professor of European Competition Law at the University of Amsterdam. He is also a partner at the Dutch law firm Stibbe.

Jacobine van de Brink

‘Close connections to the Dutch legal profession’

Jacobine van den Brink has recently been appointed Professor of Administrative Law. Her area of expertise is European and Dutch administrative law, (European) financial administrative law. ‘The UvA truly appeals to me because of its close connections to the Dutch legal profession.’

Prof Benjamin van Rooij, professor Law

‘I would like to unleash a behavioural revolution’

Hoogleraar Law and Society Benjamin van Rooij has great ambitions. “I would like to bring about a behavioural revolution in the law. I am going to research what legal experts involved in bringing about changes in behaviour think is the best way to go about doing so.” 

Christina Eckes, hoogleraar Europees recht

‘Nothing compares to EU Law’

Prof. Dr. Christina Eckes is Professor of European Law at the UvA. ‘European Law is an illustrative example of how law and politics are inextricably linked; it is exceptionally dynamic, if compared to international or national constitutional law; and it is only becoming more and more relevant for all areas of law and life.’

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