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Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences

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Music interventions reduce stress

Stress negatively impacts our health. How can we reduce stress when our daily environments keep stress levels up? Scientists looked into the effects of music interventions by bringing together the results of over a 100 experiments including almost 10.000 participants.

The hard facts behind deportation regimes

Many countries have created deportation strategies that bring danger, despair and death. Why do we tolerate this? Anthropologist Barak Kalir studied the impact of deportation regimes and calls for an honest public debate.

Does independent mobility help children knowing their cities better?

When we travel from A to B we are exposed to our physical environments. This can influence how we feel about our cities, especially in times when we seem to increasingly live in social and spatial bubbles. How is this for children in Dutch cities?
Animation on Health, Behaviour & Society
Watch the animation we made to give you a glimpse of the knowledge we offer on the theme of 'Health'.
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