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Virtual Reality for cleaner oceans

We know that plastic pollutes our oceans on a large scale. Still, plastic is part of our daily lives. How can we reduce our plastic consumption and contribute to cleaner oceans? This question is at the heart of a new project that will use Virtual Reality to help reducing our plastic consumption.

Mark Jordans uses science to improve psychological support for children in war zones

To reduce the huge psychological suffering of children in war zones: this mission is what drives Mark Jordans, who was recently named professor by special appointment of Global Child and Adolescent Mental Health at the University of Amsterdam. The chair was established on behalf of the War Child Holland Foundation.

Give willing Member States and European cities a central role in the asylum system

A central European asylum system supported by all Member States is never going to happen. Organise the reception of asylum seekers among willing Member States, let the other Member States financially contribute and give European cities a larger role. That is the conclusion of UvA political scientists Jeroen Doomernik and Vincenzo Gomes.
Animation on Health, Behaviour & Society
Watch the animation we made to give you a glimpse of the knowledge we offer on the theme of 'Health'.
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