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Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences

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Does psychological distance explain distrust in science?

People can distrust science because of political, religious or spiritual beliefs. Can we find one psychological principle that also explains distrust ? Are we sceptical of science, when science feels far removed from our lives? Bastiaan Rutjens will study this role of psychological distance.

Human emotional vocalisations: learned or innate?

In a classic ‘nature versus nurture’ study, social psychology researcher Disa Sauter explores whether people can recognise emotions from the sounds deaf people make when they express their feelings.

How do you talk about science? Use a comic strip!

Forensic psychologist Bruno Verschuere and his colleagues at the UvA conduct a lot of research on the phenomenon of lying. When and why do people lie, how do you recognise lies and how do you detect lies? Along with cartoonist Jan Cleijne, they create ‘Science Comics’ .
Animation on Health, Behaviour & Society
Watch the animation we made to give you a glimpse of the knowledge we offer on the theme of 'Health'.
The research, carried out in the Faculty's various research institutes, is extensive and innovative and has a strong international focus.
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