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Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology
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After graduation

Anthropology is an academic discipline that allows for different careers. The skills you develop during your training regarding writing, research and intercultural communication can be put to use in many employment sectors. Because the programme offers different specialisations, you can become an expert in the area of your interest.

Where do our graduates work?

Our graduates work as:

  • Journalists
  • Government policy advisers
  • Project leader at (inter)national organisations and NGO's
  • Consultants
  • Diplomats
  • Documentary filmmakers

Career coaching during your Bachelor's

The Student Careers Centre (SCC) helps you develop individual skills, gain experience and build connections. The team of career assistants, career coaches and internship advisors help you focus on your individual career journey.

Career events

The Student Careers Centre annually organises a major career event where you can come into contact with potential employers and you will learn more about the latest developments in the area of applying for a job, work, and the labour market.