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Minor Communication Science

Communication Science

We are constantly influenced by media and communication. In Communication Science we study this impact. How do media influence voters during elections? What is the effect of an anti-smoking campaign? And what are the consequences of the growing importance of social media vs. traditional media?

Course catalogue

Entry requirements

There is a minor of 30 ECTS and 60 ECTS. Both are available to Bachelor's students regardless of the subject they are studying. The 60 ECTS minor includes courses about research methods and is especially relevant to students without a background in social sciences. Moreover, there is a special minor for HBO students who would like to transfer to the (short-track) Bachelor's programme in Communication Science: the follow-on minor.


  • 30 ECTS minor: September and February
  • 60 ECTS minor: September
  • Follow-on minor: September
Communication Science
Credits 30-60 ECTS, 6-12 months
Language of instruction English