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Entrepreneurship and Innovation (MSc Business Administration)
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Pre-Master’s programme

Our pre-Master’s programme is for ambitious students who do not yet meet the admission requirements for the Master’s programme Business Administration. You can start the pre-Master’s programme each academic year in September. Within 4 months you will have all the necessary knowledge and skills to start your Master's.

Why this pre-Master’s programme

Completion of the pre-Master's grants you direct access to the MSc Business Administration. The programme prepares you for further studies in the best possible way. It offers a fixed set of courses that supplement your prior education.

The programme starts in September and it only takes 4 months to complete it. This leaves you with the possibility to start your MSc straight after, in February (choose from 3 tracks). Or you can start the following academic year in September (choose from 9 tracks).

Duration and content

Depending on your prior education, your 4-month pre-Master's will consist of a maximum of 6 courses related to research methods and/or business.

  • You have an HBO Bachelor’s degree (University of Applied Sciences)

    With an HBO Bachelor’s degree related to Business Administration (e.g. Business Administration, Management, Economics or Commerce, Hotel Management) you will follow the full 30 EC programme and take all 6 courses.

  • You have an academic degree (Research University)
    • If you have a Dutch or European academic BSc and/or MSc degree including advanced quantitative research methods, but without business-related courses, you will follow the 4-month 15 EC study programme. This programme consists of the 3 business administration-related courses.
    • If you have a Dutch or European academic BSc degree with at least 15 EC in Business Administration courses (preferably a minor) with less than 10 EC in quantitative research courses, you will follow the 10 EC study programme. This programme solely consists of the 2 management research methods courses.
    • If you have a Dutch or European academic BSc degree with insufficient coursework in both quantitative research methods and Business-related coursework, you will follow the 25 EC study programme. This programme consists of the 2 management research methods courses and three Business courses.
  • Difference between research and applied universities

    The University of Amsterdam is a research university. Unlike in many other countries, Dutch higher education makes a distinction between research universities and universities of applied sciences (hbo).

    Programmes at research universities like the UvA focus more on theoretical aspects of the field of study and prepare students for undertaking independent research. Study programmes at universities of applied sciences prepare students for particular professions and tend to be more practically oriented.


Depending on your prior education, you will follow a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 6 courses.

  • 1. Academic Project

    Cover the fundamentals of academic research. Learn about different research methods and instruments and carry out and report on a qualitative research project.

  • 2. Management Research Methods I

    Learn about the basic statistical concepts and techniques which are used in the area of management and business administration. Learn how to apply these concepts and techniques by using SPSS software.

  • 3. Marketing Management

    Dive deeper in areas like branding, marketing, consumer behaviour and the social-cultural impact of organisations and their strategies. Apply your theoretical insights to business cases and examples.

  • 4. Leadership and Management

    Examine the concepts, models and theories of leadership and management to explain how to manage individuals and teams effectively.

  • 5. Management Research Methods 2

    Learn to understand quantitative and statistical methods and their drawbacks. You will review more advanced statistical concepts and techniques and apply them using SPSS (or R) software.

  • 6. Strategy and Organisation

    Cover the most important topics in strategic management and theories, to analyse them. These topics include competitive strategy, corporate strategy, the strategy process and the link between strategy and organisation.

Our pre-Master’s in brief

Language: English
Duration: 4 months
ECTS: 30 ECTS for HBO/Applied Sciences students
  10/15/25 ECTS for research University students
Start pre-Master's: September
Start MSc Business Administration: February of the same academic year (choose 1 of 3 tracks), or
  start the following academic year in September (choose 1 of 9 tracks)

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Entry and selection requirements

Entry requirements consist of the minimum academic study and mathematics requirements which all applicants must achieve to qualify for admission. In addition, you will also have to meet the GPA selection requirement.