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Research Master
Communication Science: Research Master's (Academic)

Students Research Master's Communication Science

Niklas Melcher, Lieke Bos and Leonie Westerbeek share their experiences studying the Research Master's in Communication Science

Niklas Melcher

Niklas Melcher, Germany

How has this track helped you develop?
I certainly have learned how to conduct research appropriately but personally, I believe that especially the eager discussions in the international classroom helped me widen my horizon.

What do you plan to do in the future with what you’ve learned in the courses?
For me, it’s almost more a question of what do I plan not to do. With the Research Master’s so many opportunities open up, from a career in academia to jobs in research and analysis for NGOs or in the private sector. What exactly it will be at the end, I am not sure of yet–but it's going to be exciting!

What do you recommend future students of this track?
Enjoy this time both inside and outside the campus! What you learn here at the school is super enriching and you can gain so much from it. Yet, some Research Master’s students have a tendency (at times) to overwork. Ironically, research has shown that it’s all about the balance, so make sure to also enjoy Amsterdam enough while you’re at it!

Leonie Westerbeek

Leonie Westerbeek, The Netherlands

Why did you choose this track?
I chose the Research Master’s for several reasons. As I like to go the extra mile and challenge myself, I felt that this programme really provides an excellent opportunity to do so. I also enjoy that there is a lot of freedom in choosing your courses, which allows me to tailor my curriculum exactly to my personal preferences and interests.

What do you plan to do in the future with what you’ve learned in the courses?
I'm not entirely sure what my future will look like - perhaps I'll continue my academic career with a PhD, or start working as a communication expert. The great thing about the Research Master’s is that it leaves all of my options open and gives me the choice to do what I aspire.

What do you recommend future students of this track?
I strongly recommend anyone with an interest in research to choose this programme. It allows you to choose exactly what suits your interests and will encourage you to challenge yourself. Not only academically, but also socially the track provides a great international environment to make the most of your time as a Master’s student.

Lieke Bos

Lieke Bos, The Netherlands

Why did you choose this track?
This programme allowed me to completely personalize my curriculum by selecting theoretical and methodological courses that suited my personal interests. As I am interested in both persuasive and political communication, this programme enables me to combine both. It also gives me the opportunity to do a research internship, where you get some hands-on experience with conducting academic research yourself.

What do you plan to do in the future with what you’ve learned in the courses?
Thanks to this programme, I figured out that after graduation, I want to continue doing research, either at an academic level or for a (political) research institution. This has provided me with the capacities I need for this, such as insights in data analysis and a critical attitude.

Other things you want to mention about your track:
Maybe one of the biggest advantages of the Research Master: the eternal struggle during course registration is officially over. The waiting list with ‘823 students before you’ belongs to the past, since study advisers will register you to the courses you want for you!