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CiSAI Themes

Citizens, Society and Artificial Intelligence (CiSAI)
woman is selecting online video

AI & Consumption

As more and more people consume cultural content through digital portals (Netflix, Spotify, etc.), their consumption patterns are shaped by the choices that AI systems make for them. AI systems are also used to target citizens for the sale of particular products, based on their presumed preferences.

Central questions

  • How do changing patterns of cultural and economic consumption, driven by AI, affect group and identify formation?
  • How do citizens deal with and experience more invasive ways of targeting?
  • How are these dynamics varied across societal groups and space?

Ongoing research

How does digitization transform cultural practices around the world, including consumption and production?
Researchers: Marieke de Goede and Olav Velthuis

How do AI-driven new media technologies blur the lines between media and communication partners (for example chatbots and virtual agents)? How do media consumers cope with these shifts? And what makes them vulnerable to persuasive communications? 
Researchers: Margot van der Goot, Carolin Ischen, Hilde Voorveld

How are data and machine learning applied in communication with a persuasive intent (“algorithmic persuasion”), for example in the context of healthy behavior and marketing ? How does this influence media users?
Researchers: Daisy Zhang, Joanna Strycharz, Brahim Zarouali

Algorithms and Inequality: How Camming Sites Work

UvA researcher Olav Velthuis on the nature of webcam sex platforms, their risks and opportunities and the need for balanced understanding.