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Citizens, Society and Artificial Intelligence (CiSAI)

Faculty of Social & Behavioural Sciences

The platform 'Citizens, Society and Artificial Intelligence (CiSAI)' unites social and behavioural science researchers who analyse the effects of AI on societal dynamics and on the lives of individual citizens.

About 'Citizens, Society and Artificial Intelligence (CiSAI)'

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is more than just a set of technologies. AI will fundamentally affect citizens and transform societies, in both desirable and undesirable ways. The FMG Platform Citizens, Society and Artificial Intelligence (CiSAI) unites Social and Behavioural science researchers who analyse these transformations and the effects of AI on societal dynamics and on the lives of individual citizens. CiSAI focuses on how people and organizations use AI and how these technologies and their application are shaped by political regulation, technical developments and popular trust or mistrust. CiSAI will generate new academic insights and practically applicable findings.

Cooperation with non-academic partners

This kind of research thrives and is valorised through the interaction with non-academic stakeholders, like ministries, public authorities, and municipalities. They need to reap the benefits of AI applications while safeguarding public values and avoiding ethical pitfalls and unintended side-effects. CiSAI fuses the FMG research that speaks to these concerns and elucidates the societal challenges involved. 

FMG Networking event on AI, Data and Technology

We are excited to invite you to the FMG Networking event for all scholars within the UvA FMG faculty who are working on topics related to AI, data and digital technologies!

The aim of this event is to facilitate inter-faculty connections among researchers working on data, AI and digital technologies in the broader sense. Such connections could be crucial to developing future research proposals and grant applications which call for interdisciplinary scholarship.

The initiative for this even is coming from CiSAI and is supported by AISSR and ASCoR.

The event will take place at De Brug from 14.30h to 17.30h.

Please save the date!

CiSAI Themes

Democracy | Inequalities | Governance | Consumption| Public Space | The Workplace

CiSAI Experts

Our researchers in the field of AI

Highlighted research

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Related initiatives

CiSAI is closely connected to university and faculty initiatives around data science and to teaching initiatives.


For questions about the platform, please refer to one of the coordinators: Daniel Mügge (, or Claes de Vreese (

Prof. dr. D.K. (Daniel) Mügge

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences

Programme group: Political Economy and Transnational Governance

Prof. dr. C.H. (Claes) de Vreese

Executive Staff