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CiSAI Themes

Citizens, Society and Artificial Intelligence (CiSAI)

AI & Democracy, media and public opinion

AI systems are used to increase the effectiveness of targeting citizens with political messages, normally through digital channels. It can thereby contribute to communication bubbles, systematic misinformation and polarization. In that way, AI affects and may damage democratic decision-making dynamics.

Central questions

Research within this theme will focus on the question: 

  • Which effects does the application of AI to democratic processes have on their outcomes, and which interventions or rules may be necessary to prevent damage to democratic processes?

Ongoing research

The impact of AI-mediated communication and systems on democratic processes, such as campaigns and media  
Researcher: Claes de Vreese

The intended and unintended consequences of data-driven political campaigns for democracy
Researcher: Sanne Kruikemeier

How do algorithmic feedback loops influence the dissemination and consumption of news
Researcher: Damian Trilling

AI and political microtargeting
Researcher: Tom Dobber

The ODYCCEUS project 'opinion dynamics and cultural conflict in european spaces'
Researchers: Justus Uitermark, Petter Törnberg, Livia van Vliet, Anna Keuchenius

Would you fall for a fake video?

The phenomenon of deepfakes and their possible impact on democratic processes remains surprisingly understudied. An interdisciplinary team of UvA researchers are at the forefront of those looking into this new phenomenon.