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CiSAI Themes

Citizens, Society and Artificial Intelligence (CiSAI)
European Council

Public policy and governance of AI

AI has broad implications for social life and politics. It is essential to understand better how and by whom it is governed, and why so. The ensuing questions range from international initiatives to govern AI and lobbying by tech companies to explaining differences between national regulatory approaches and the role of expertise and citizen opinions in the formation of policies. Governments use AI in a whole variety of ways, from monitoring and guiding traffic flows to guiding policing and border control.

Central questions

  • Which governments use such technologies, in which domains, and to what effect?
  • How are such effects differentiated across social groups, including along gendered and racial lines?
  • How do citizens experience the use of such technologies?

Ongoing research

The politics and institutions through with the European Union governs the development and deployment of AI
Researcher: Daniel Mügge

Impact of large (predominantly American) tech firms on governance of and through AI
Researchers: Anneroos Planqué-van Hardeveldt

The use and abuse of big data and algorithmic analysis in financial security – FOLLOW project
Researchers: Marieke de Goede, Carola Westermeier, Rocco Bellanova.

AI and citizens’ digital competence
Researchers: Dian de Vries, Jessica Piotrowski and Claes de Vreese.

Public trust in AI
Researchers: Theo Araujo and Claes de Vreese

Explainable AI in the Media
Researchers: Jessica Sam, Sophie Boerman, Judith Moeller and Claes de Vreese

Political economic consequences of index investment
Researcher: Eelke Heemskerk

The use and abuse of big data and algorithmic analysis in financial security

FOLLOW analyses the ways in which private companies increasingly operate in the frontline of security practice.