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Ekatarina Derkach, student BSc Business Administration

'There are plenty of opportunities for personal development' 

Ekatarina Derkach - Russia

'It’s been a year since I moved to Amsterdam and it has been a delightful experience so far. I couldn't be happier with a city I live in. Amsterdam offers everything from stunning buildings, cosy cafes, high quality education to various events, nightlife, international friendships and what is called a "gezellig" atmosphere. You will never be bored with living here, because you stumble upon new places every time you walk around the city.'

Really focus on 2 subjects
'The programme is structured in a very different way compared to similar studies in Moscow. At UvA the pace of studies allows you to really focus on 2 subjects at a time and it equips you with strong theoretical knowledge which hopefully will be followed by some more practical experience during the rest of the programme. Also, there are further opportunities for personal development such as choice of specialisation, minors, Honours courses, semester abroad etc. which will give you an idea of your desired career path.'

'During your free time I would definitely recommend cycling through Vondelpark on a sunny day or hiding from endless rain in one of the cafes enjoying a coffee with friends. And definitely start looking for an apartment in advance!'

'In short, I am very excited about my remaining 2 years in the Netherlands.'