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Education Private Law

The Private Law department provides the Dutch Master's track Commerciële rechtspraktijk and the track Privaatrechtelijke rechtspraktijk, and the Master's programme European Private Law. In addition, private law subjects are taught within the Dutch Bachelor's programme Rechtsgeleerdheid, the Master's Law & Finance, the Bachelor's programme PPLE and at the Amsterdam University College.

Bachelor's education

The Private Law department is responsible for a large number of courses in the Dutch Bachelor's programme Rechtsgeleerdheid: Introduction to Private Law, Law of Persons and Family Law, Law of Goods, Contract Law, Tort Law, Corporate Law, Civil Procedure and Insolvency Law. The department is also involved in the Moot Court course. A number of lecturers from the department teach in the interdisciplinary Bachelor's programme PPLE (Politics, Psychology, Law and Economics), in the minor  Law and Justice in the European Union, and for the Amsterdam University College.

Master's programmes

The department also provides education in the Dutch-language Master's programme in Private Law (tracks Privaatrechtelijke rechtspraktijk and Commerciële rechtspraktijk) and in the English-language Master's programmes Law & Finance and European Private Law.

Master's Private Law: track Privaatrechtelijke rechtspraktijk

The Master's track Privaatrechtelijke rechtspraktijk trains students to become lawyers with a thorough knowledge of the full range of private law and who are able to act quickly, also in an international context. To this end, the programme offers a thorough study of the core subjects of private law and the possibility of putting together your own package of subjects within a profile focused on a specific practice.

Master Private Law: track Commerciële rechtspraktijk

The Master's track Commerciële rechtspraktijk broadens and deepens your knowledge of business law and closely related fields such as insolvency law, financial law and contract law. Characteristic for the programme is the attention for the way businesses and activities are financed.

Both Master's tracks offer experiential learning as part of the Amsterdam Law Practice (ALP).

International perspective

Because Dutch legal practice is increasingly international, the programme pays extensive attention to the international and European context of private law, also in a number of English-language optional subjects.

Master's European Private Law

The English-language Master's in European Private Law prepares students for a career in an ever-changing, increasingly international legal (academic) environment. Lecturers are internationally renowned experts who conduct innovative research in all areas of private law, and are often associated with the Amsterdam Centre for Transformative Private Law (ACT). The small-scale international classroom, interactive learning formats and critical/theoretical approach to applicable law make this Master's unique in its kind.

Master's Law & Finance

The Private Law department, together with the Amsterdam Business School, offers the English-language Master's Law & Finance. This Master's combines the quantitative aspects of finance with in-depth study of financial and corporate law and its economic implications. The lecturers, top researchers in this field, are affiliated with the Amsterdam Centre for Law & Economics (ACLE).