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In today's digital world, solving society's problems needs technology and teamwork. As a Computational Social Science graduate, you're in high demand. Companies seek your skills in tackling real-world challenges using technology and diverse knowledge.

Where do our graduates work?

These professions are perfect for Computational Social Scientists and can be found in all types of sectors and organisations: 

  • Information management: ensure information that is provided by companies matches their needs for smooth operations 
  • Managing Technical Projects: lead projects towards specific technical goals in business or society 
  • (Big) Data Analysis: analyse large data sets for decision-making in different situations 
  • Digital Policy and Advice: help organisations optimise digitisation while following regulations for communication, security, and infrastructure  

Continue with a Master's programme

You can also pursue a Master's degree. Because your programme covers many fields, there are lots of Master's options. You can stay at the UvA or study elsewhere in or out of the Netherlands. During your Bachelor's, you are free to create your own study plan, and your choice of electives and extra courses can be important during your Master’s application. 

Within the field of Social and Behavioural Science, you can choose for various Master’s in the field Political Science, Communication Science and Sociology. For some, you will need to take on extra courses specifically within this field of study. At the UvA, for instance, you will have options such as:

If your interest lies within the field of Information Sciences, it is possible to pursue a Master’s in Data Science or Information Studies. Some of the programmes you can consider at the UvA are:

There are also options outside of the field of Social Sciences or Information Sciences. You can look at interdisciplinary programmes combining Information Science with another field, like Business or Media Studies. The Master’s that the UvA offers that fit this description are:

UvA Student Careers Centre

The Student Careers Centre is there to help with your career development. You can contact them to discuss your options, ambitions and doubts at any time during your studies.

Your diploma is not a farewell

After graduating, you don't have to say goodbye to the University of Amsterdam! We are happy to help you develop your career. You can join the young alumni programme, which will assist you in mapping out your career. And as an alumnus, you can also still use the Student Careers Centre.  

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What unique value do I bring to the table with a degree in Computational Social Science?
    • Project-based, solution-oriented thinking skills, fostering a robust professional network and a diverse portfolio showcasing real-world products  
    • A combination of technical and academic skills (e.g. analytical thinking, problem-solving, and effective communication) 
    • Interdisciplinary thinking (combining insights from different fields), leading to innovative solutions  
    • Intercultural skills and a mastery of the English language, vital for thriving in a global, multilingual landscape