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10 February 2020
For years, a study from 2008 that claimed that conservative people have stronger physiological reactions to threatening stimuli than those who express liberal views, has been widely quoted. A replication study, led ...
23 January 2020
A central European asylum system supported by all Member States is never going to happen. Organise the reception of asylum seekers among willing Member States, let the other Member States financially contribute and ...
21 January 2020
EU trade policy should carve out space for the regulation of ethical and responsible artificial intelligence (AI) in future trade talks. This is the finding of a new study by researchers from the University of ...

Researcher interviews

Five legal questions about the coronavirus

Can millions of people be quarantined or required to undergo medical examinations? Associate Law Professor Anniek de Ruijter explains.

Do algorithms make us even more radical?

Communication Scientist Judith Möller: 'My theory is that filter bubbles do indeed exist, but that we’re looking for them in the wrong place.'

Improving psychological support for children in war zones

Mark Jordans, professor of Global Child and Adolescent Mental Health: 'There are so many hotbeds and so many children in dire straits.'

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