The academic year 2022 – 2023 provided a new start for the nearly 8,000 students and 500 lecturers at the Faculty of Science after the covid pandemic. Having been forced to work from home, to follow online classes (with the exception of laboratory work) and to interact with other students via social media, has demonstrated once more the importance of being on campus all together. We also learned that alternatives are possible, and that we are lucky to have very motivated teams of lecturers and students. The Faculty of Science presents a very vivid and broad portfolio of bachelor and master programmes covering the exact, information and life sciences. The Faculty wants to provide an inspiring and inclusive environment for all students, not only within the disciplines, but also by bridging the gaps between disciplines, and between the different faculties of the UvA. Therefore, we critically monitor our education portfolio and actively search for new opportunities, e.g. with the new bachelor programmes Computational Social Science (hosted by the FMG) and Science, Technology & Innovation (start 2024 – 2025), and the master program Quantum Computer Science (start 2024 – 2025).

Lex Kaper,
Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Science

Figures on education

11 BSc programmes
17 MSc programmes

4,360 BSc students
3,469 MSc students

1st year enrolment:

1,457 BSc students
1,180 MSc students


  909 BSc diplomas
1,286 MSc diplomas



44% BSc students
19% MSc students


32% international MSc students

483 lecturers

65 million budget

Vivian standing second from right
Young Talent incentive prize for Biology for Vivian van Reybrouck van Gelder

The annual Royal Holland Society of Sciences and Humanities (KHMW) Young Talent encouragement prizes are awared to promote scientific education in engineering and science subjects.

On 28 November 2022, one of the Young Talent incentive prizes for Biology was awarded to BSc Biology student Vivian van Reybrouck van Gelder, for outstanding grades during the first year at a Dutch institution for higher education.